Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare provides an annual wellness visit, FREE OF CHARGE.
THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL EXAM or a “check up”, IT IS A PAPERWORK VISIT conducted by a provider that works with your physician to help you create a healthcare prevention and screening plan.  The Annual Wellness Visit, reviewed and approved by your physician, is a customized healthcare directive to identify age related problems early and initiate treatment sooner.
You may receive a call from the Quality Improvement Department, located at the Envision Diagnostic Center, on behalf of your physician to schedule an appointment for this wellness visit.

Your physician has approved the request for this visit and highly recommends it.
If you are interested in scheduling this visit, please call the Quality Improvement Department to discuss a date and time that is suitable for your schedule.  Their phone number is: 248.471.0675 Option 6 for the Quality Improvement Department.